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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Can You Sing? Not A Thing!

Can you sing? Not a thing! 
Can you dance? Not a chance! 
Can you play? Me, no way! 
Can you eat and drink? All day! 

Lily Loves The Little Lake

Lily loves the little lake
Where the lovely lilies grow
Keith can cook a crumbling cake
Sue sings solo in the snow. 

How Close Is Your Nose To A Rose

How close is your nose to a rose? 
How far is a star from your car?
How small is the ball in the hall?
How big is a wig for a pig? 

One, Two, Three, Come With Me

One, two, three, come with me

Two, three, four, to the door. 

Five, six, seven, up to heaven

Eight, nine, ten, and back again. 

Monday, 15 December 2008

Kitty Has A Little Vice

Kitty has a little vice,

When she eats, she cannot stop. 

When you send her to catch mice

She buys cat food from the shop. 

Tilly The Fat Cat

Tilly the fat cat

Loves a tasty mouse.

But when she sees a rat

She runs back into the house. 

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Little Bee, Why Are You Crying?

Little bee, why are you crying?
Cause the flowers are all dying. 
Don't be sad, come with me,
I'll show you my Christmas tree. 

Who Is There?

Who is there?
The big bear
Eating honey
With the bunny. 

Once There Was A Man

Once there was a man 
Who bought a new pan. 
He turned it upside down
And wore it as a crown. 

Friday, 12 December 2008

Emily Went To The Zoo

Emily went to the zoo
And she saw a kangaroo. 
"Look, a pocket on her tummy!
Can't you get one for me, mommy?"

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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Hannah Saw A Hummingbird

Hannah saw a hummingbird
Flying through the park.
"Why in such a hurry, sir?"
"I am scared of the dark."

Monday, 8 December 2008

Who Are You

Who are you? I am your mother. 

Who am I? You are my daughter. 

And where is my brother, mommy?

Your brother is in my tummy. 

Does The Bee Live In A Tree

Does the bee live in a tree?

Does the mouse live in a house?

Does the fly live in the sky?

Does the bat live in a flat?

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Daddy, You're So Wise And Strong

Daddy, you're so wise and strong. 

Tell me if you can

What does it take me so long

To become a grown up man?

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Little J Loves To Play

Little J loves to play
With the kids around the bay. 
Big and small, short and tall, 
She welcomes them in the hall. 

Little Kitty Hates The Mirror

Little Kitty hates the mirror
Cause there is a cat inside
Staring with unfriendly terror
And making her run and hide.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Examples of Onomatopoeia Poetry

See also Onomatopoeia Poems on Funny Rhymes

"Onomatopoeia" might sound like a funny word in English. However, knowing the meaning of this funny word can lead us into discovering a universe of even funnier words. It is a known fact that language is a social convention and words are mere instruments invented by man to communicate facts, feelings, and ideas. Most of the times, nothing in the way a word sounds like bears any ressemblance to the object or action it refers to.

There’s nothing in the letters of the word „blue” that looks like blue, there’s nothing in the word „song” that sounds like a song. The only reason why we know what „blue” or „song” refer to is because we have learned their meaning. But what about when we say „meow”, „quack quack” or „woof woof”? Could we figure out what these words stand for without learning their meaning? Most probable, if we had a cat or a dog around.

An onomatopoeia is a word or a combination of words that imitates sounds from real life. These can be animal noises such as „meow”, „woof”, „quack”, „ribbit”, „cuckoo”, words suggesting an impact between two or more objects such as „bang”, „splash”, „boom”, „click”, „clang” or any other word suggesting a sound or an action accompanied by a sound („beep”, „buzz”, „hiccup”, etc.).

One would expect that onomatopoeias should be the same in all languages. Funny enough, different languages perceive the same sound in different ways, dependind on the phonetic structure of that particular language and on other factors. Therefore, although a cat is just a cat anywhere around the world, an English cat will say „meow”, a French one „miaou”, a Japanese one „nyan” and a Chinese „mao”. Of course, it’s not the cats who make different sounds, it’s people who interpret them differently.

To read more about animals, the noises they make and the way various languages interpret them, go to Noises animals make in different languages.

To view a complex list of onomatopoeias from different areas of life, visit Written Sounds.

Onomatopoeia is also used in poetry as a powerful literary / poetic device. Onomatopoeias in a poem often create a stronger effect and a more vivid image than conventional words and they are better at expressing emotions or moods. One can often find onomatopoeias in nursery rhymes because they are funny and kids can relate to them more easily.

Here are some examples of Onomatopoeia poetry taken from nursery rhymes and not only.
Five Little Ducks

Old McDonald
Alice the Camel
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (From "Cinderella")
Horsey horsey
Of Sound Mind by Patrick Winstanley

Onomatopoeia Poems by Lee Emmett:
Bake a Cake
Wash, Wash, Wash
Wind and Rain
Running Water
Swimmers’ Strokes

Last but not least, our little poem on Funny Rhymes:
A Dog Saw A Cat On A Lonely Roof

I'm sure there are many more examples of onomatopoeia poetry online but I chose just a few to illustrate this figure of speech and its amazingly funny effects.

Further Documentation on Onomatopoeia
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See also Onomatopoeia Poems on Funny Rhymes.  

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

A Dog Saw A Cat On A Lonely Roof

A dog saw a cat on a lonely roof

He greeted her with a friendly 'woof'. 

The cat looked at him with a hopeful 'meow'

"I'd like to come down but I don't know how."

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Lily Went To Market

Lily went to market
To buy a new carpet.
'They're too big, it can't be done.
Can I have a flying one?'

Friday, 4 April 2008

I Washed The Kittens With Water and Soap

I washed the kittens with water and soap
Then I put them to dry on the drying rope.
I took some pink ribbons, and now all can see
No one has got nicer kittens than me.

Once I Got Stung By A Bee

Once I got stung by a bee.
She stuck her needle in me.
My arm was so red and my pain was so bad
That even the bee went all sad.

Once A Bear Saw a Man

Once a bear saw a man
Who was sitting in his van.
'Here's my feast', said the beast
But couldn't open the can.

Once I Saw a Tree

Once I saw a tree
Who was looking at me.
'What can you see, dear old tree?'
'A bonsai girl looking at me!'

Kitty Annabell

Kitty Annabell
Was sent to the cats' jail
For sticking her nail
Into her husband's tail.

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Once I Had A Strange Nightmare

Once I had a strange nightmare:
I dreamt of an electric chair.
I sat in it and said a prayer
And I woke up with curly hair!

Once My Cat

Once my cat
Ate a bat.
She could have bet
It was a rat.

Cassie Jane

Cassie Jane
Is in deep pain.
She lost her brain
On the way to Spain.

Where Are You?

Where are you?
In the loo.
I am stuck
With super glue.

Liar Joe

Liar Joe
Wants to know
Why his nose
Didn't grow.

Who Is There?

Who is there?
A polar bear.
Eating ice cream
With his team.

Clive Forgot His Car

Clive forgot his car
In front of the old bar.
When the policeman came
He forgot his name.

My Uncle Honey Greg

My Uncle Honey Greg
Was sitting on an egg.
My aunt Priscilla Ann
had turned into a hen.

Lucy and Her Friend

Lucy and her friend
Didn't understand.
So they went to Lee
Who just couldn't see.

Who Is There?

Who is there?
The old mare
Picking apples
For the fair.

Mitzi Bitzi Broom

Mitzi Bitzi Broom
Was crying in her room.
I don't like Fiddly Sue!
She ate my kangaroo!

Good Old Mr. Mouse

Good Old Mr. Mouse
Gave a party at his house.
'Come along, Mr. Baboon,
but don't forget your spoon!'

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