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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

A Dog Saw A Cat On A Lonely Roof

A dog saw a cat on a lonely roof

He greeted her with a friendly 'woof'. 

The cat looked at him with a hopeful 'meow'

"I'd like to come down but I don't know how."

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Lily Went To Market

Lily went to market
To buy a new carpet.
'They're too big, it can't be done.
Can I have a flying one?'

Friday, 4 April 2008

I Washed The Kittens With Water and Soap

I washed the kittens with water and soap
Then I put them to dry on the drying rope.
I took some pink ribbons, and now all can see
No one has got nicer kittens than me.

Once I Got Stung By A Bee

Once I got stung by a bee.
She stuck her needle in me.
My arm was so red and my pain was so bad
That even the bee went all sad.

Once A Bear Saw a Man

Once a bear saw a man
Who was sitting in his van.
'Here's my feast', said the beast
But couldn't open the can.

Once I Saw a Tree

Once I saw a tree
Who was looking at me.
'What can you see, dear old tree?'
'A bonsai girl looking at me!'

Kitty Annabell

Kitty Annabell
Was sent to the cats' jail
For sticking her nail
Into her husband's tail.

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Once I Had A Strange Nightmare

Once I had a strange nightmare:
I dreamt of an electric chair.
I sat in it and said a prayer
And I woke up with curly hair!

Once My Cat

Once my cat
Ate a bat.
She could have bet
It was a rat.

Cassie Jane

Cassie Jane
Is in deep pain.
She lost her brain
On the way to Spain.

Where Are You?

Where are you?
In the loo.
I am stuck
With super glue.

Liar Joe

Liar Joe
Wants to know
Why his nose
Didn't grow.

Who Is There?

Who is there?
A polar bear.
Eating ice cream
With his team.

Clive Forgot His Car

Clive forgot his car
In front of the old bar.
When the policeman came
He forgot his name.

My Uncle Honey Greg

My Uncle Honey Greg
Was sitting on an egg.
My aunt Priscilla Ann
had turned into a hen.

Lucy and Her Friend

Lucy and her friend
Didn't understand.
So they went to Lee
Who just couldn't see.

Who Is There?

Who is there?
The old mare
Picking apples
For the fair.

Mitzi Bitzi Broom

Mitzi Bitzi Broom
Was crying in her room.
I don't like Fiddly Sue!
She ate my kangaroo!

Good Old Mr. Mouse

Good Old Mr. Mouse
Gave a party at his house.
'Come along, Mr. Baboon,
but don't forget your spoon!'

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